The movement Lyrical Abstraction

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European Lyrical Abstraction is an art movement born in Paris after World War II. At that time, France was trying to reconstruct its identity devastated by the Occupation and Collaboration. Some art critics looked at the new abstraction as an attempt to try to restore the image of artistic Paris, which had held the rank of capital of the arts until the war. It is possible that lyrical abstraction also represented a competition between Paris and the new American school of painting, Abstract Expressionism , based in New York and represented by Jackson Pollock , Willem de Kooning and many others. It could thus be seen as the School of Paris versus the New York School.

Opposed to Cubist and Surrealist Movements....

Lyrical abstraction was opposed not only to the Cubist and Surrealists that preceded it, but also to Geometric Abstraction (or "cold abstraction"). Lyrical abstraction was in some ways the first to apply the lessons of Kandinsky , who was considered one of the fathers of abstraction. For the artists in France, lyrical abstraction represented an opening to personal expression.

Book Review...

Here is an interesting book that covers many forms of abstraction. It's good for defining and comparing in detail the attributes of the different movements. A good read if you would like to broaden your knowledge... (Like I did...:)) It's called Color Field: Color Field. Spray painting, Acrylic paint, Modern art, Abstract art, Hard- edge painting, Lyrical Abstraction, Washington Color School I hope you enjoy it...I did! (If you click on the text link it takes you to Amazon where you can find out more)

Some Artists who were working in this Movement.......

Jean Le Moal

Gustave Singier



Many exhibitions were held in Paris for example at the Drouin gallery where one could see Jean Le Moal, Gustave Singier, Alfred Manessier, Roger Bissière, Wols and others.

A wind blew over the capital when Georges Mathieu decided to hold two exhibitions: "Abstraction Lyrique" at the Palais du Luxembourg in 1947 and then "HWPSMTB" (Hans Hartung, Wols, Francis Picabia, the sculptor Francis Stahly, Georges Mathieu, Michel Tapié and Camille Bryen) in 1948. It was, however, a fairly short reign (late 1957), which was quickly supplanted by the New Realism of Pierre Restany and Yves Klein.

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