The Orange Sea Print

The Orange Sea print is originally taken from a painting that I did in watercolors in 2007. I find watercolors easy to use because you can apply washes without losing any pigment color. It has a smooth texture and lends itself to my preference of having a slightly wetter brush. On the painting you can see natural brush marks which add to its appeal. If you buy digital prints you can't reproduce this kind of innocent charm!

This type of painting is generally regarded as a Hard Edged Geometrical Abstraction . Hard Edged means that the shapes painted on the picture field are not blended into one another, that there is clear definition between them. This term was coined originally by the Post War American Abstract Epressionists , within it you can see simlilarities to the works of the earlier European Artist Wassily Kandinsky. While the Americans were creating the Abstract Expressionist movement the Europeans created a softer approach to the Hard Edged-ness with Lyrical Abstraction


In my mind when I was creating this piece I was deeply engrossed in a wonderful documentary about ocean life in Malasia. It showed an open sea as the sun was setting which to me seemed to be alive with yellow sparks as the sun bounced upon it. It was thick like liquid gold but somehow translucent. So the sun's rays became absorbed or recorded into it. It seemed so joyful, alive with promise even although there was death within it at the same time. Wow, I want to go there!

You can buy this lovely print from my small Gallery.

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